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This is the annual assessment report conducted by Drs Sunder Rao & Kanakavalli Rao Bethapudy Norwich, UK on the work being carried out at Salur India during 2015.

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Mr. Surjit Pal,
Philadelphia Community Hospital,
Salur, Vizianagaram Dt,
Andhra Pradesh.


Dear Mr. Surjit Pal & Dr (Mrs) Puspa,


Thank you once again for your kind hospitality during our short stay at Salur and indeed making our stay a comfortable and purposeful in November –December 2014.

We were indeed delighted to see for our selves the clinics we have set up back in December 2008, have been running regularly based on the same principles, in the three villages namely Chinnacheepuruvalsa, Pedacheepuruvalsa and Panukuvalsa. I will not reiterate the basic principles on which these clinics are based as you can find them in my last year's report.
However I will say this, this out reach work is very much based on prayers and our commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Additional work in year 2014-2015:

We were asked to take up fourth school with 36 children as these children are very much under nourished, poor attendance, never seen a doctor or a nursing their life time and some children have to walk 5 miles from home to school and back every day. This we did and provided necessary help for the children.

We have carried on the school Medicals, the screening programmes for smoking, cataract, Hypertension and Diabetes, running the clinics with free medication, providing boiled eggs twice a week for all the children with multi-vitamin tablets, Health Education Programmes. This year we have added further screening programmes for cancer for all the adults, providing Flip-Flops ( Hawaii slippers) and 6 pairs of under wears for every child as these children are coming to school without any under garments.
The Team:
The structure of the teams remains the same and we are delighted to report the staff remains the same with Nursing staff, Mrs Karuna Kumari, Mrs. Shoba Catherine, and Mrs Vijaya, the Eye Technician Mr. Shyam BAbu, who also does Health Education and the 2 drivers Mr. Venkata Rao, and Mr. David Raju.

Annual School medical examinations:
We both did the regular annual school medical examinations on par with the school medicals in UK under National Health Services. We are glad to report the speech, cognitive skills, and the developmental scales were age appropriate for all children. Physical examination is normal again for all the children. However there was one child with strabismus ( Squint) and she was referred to Eye Department for a patch and further treatment.

Physical Activities:
We have added physical activities for the children this year , monitored by the teachers, the sport equipment stored at school. These children certainly lack games and other physical activities.

Screening Programmes:
There are on going screening programmes for smoking, cataract, Hypertension , Diabetes and these are going yearly basis for all the adults once in a year. This we have added screening programme for cancers.
However we fail to add Infant Mortality Rate, to reduce it among the tribal people which is generally higher than the residential population. We intend to start either this year or next year.

Screening programme for Diabetic Retinopathy (flow chart) is added this year for all the adults.

Health Education:
Health Education programmes on smoking, alcohol, hygiene, drinking water, Malaria, Dengue fevers are carried on as per previous years. The emphasis of smoking with light end of the cigar inside the mouth is very much stressed in preventing as this causes cancers of the mouth which are very high among the tribal populations. Again air-borne and water borne infections are targeted this year as previous years.

Health Education is the key for prevention of the diseases and this is very much known to the villagers.

General Clinics:
These clinics continue to be popular with good attendance and busy. They usually run late in the evening as the people come back late in the evening from work and only then they can attened. The common complaints are body aches, joint pains, weakness , short of breadth, scabies, fungal infections.

These clinics are run twice in a week by the nursing staff and by a doctor once in a month.

The Eye Technician is always there for all the clinics and he also does the Health Education.

Health Education is very much part of the regular clinics and most of the time the nursing staff as well as the eye technician do the Health Education as they go along.

Cataract Surgery:
This year we have funded free cataract surgery for 19 people, as the contribution for the cataract surgery has become a part of the out reach programme for the second year running.

Additional Work this year:

We have been taken to yet another Tribal School at PANASALAVALSA, which is indeed very remote from the main road, deep in the forest. The reason being the tribal children never seen a nurse or a doctor in their life time, no immunisations, poor nutrition, poor academic standards. There are 36 children in total , out of 26 children come from another tribal village which is even further deep in the forest and have to walk 5 miles from home to school and back every day through the forest bare feet.

Unfortunately they informed abut this school in the last few days. Having looked at the children we could not say no and have taken up to do something.

First of all, we bought Flip Flops for all 36 children as they have to walk in the forest bare foot. They will be provided an egg once in amonth and the staff will run as clinic once in a month. We realise this village has less commitment from us but this is just a start and will look into full programme ,God willing, next year.

Budget continues to be tight, but God has been great all these years. He never let us down and we always found the money we wanted to offer to these unfortunate children and the poor parents of these tribal population in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have no corporate help but we raise money through ourselves. We have been raising money to the glory of God this way without outside help for the last 8 years .

Face Book and Web Site:

Tribal Healthcare In Salur (T.H.I.S) is in Face book as well as in the Web site.
We are very much indebted to Mr. Brendan Doyle for the wonderful work he has produced with the FaceBook and the Web Site for the Tribal Healthcare In Salur (T.H.I.S ).
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Finally, we will be publishing Tribal Health, tribal village life , tribal culture and language, their social customs, witch craft practices among them and of course lots of photos of the tribal population in our News Letter very soon.
Make sure you register with your email, to get your free copy.


With Regards ,

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Sunder Rao & Dr. (Mrs) Kanakavalli Rao Bethapudy

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