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Flip Flop to School

Written by Dr Sunder Rao Bethapudy

children salur india education This yearTribal Healthcare In Salur, decided to distribute Flip Flops (Hawaii slippers) for all the children as they are walking to school back to their homes on the dusty roads with thorns.

Children have to walk five to seven kilometres from home to school and back again every day through forest area with no roads , just dirt paths with full of sharp stones, thorns.

As this was a last minute decision to buy slippers for all 136 children, in total in all 4 schools we needed to create extra resources out of our own pockets.

With God’s help this was possible with every child receiving the colourful Flip Flops. Children were delighted with slippers.

This episode was published in a Local New Papers (Andhra Jyothi) in Telugu language.

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