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Written by Dr Sunder Rao Bethapudy

tribal health care salur indiaMr. Eswar Rao, Headmaster

Mr. Eswar Rao, is working as Headmaster in the Primary School, Panukuvalasa village. He is a very sincere and honest and hard working teacher.

In recognition of this dedicated service he was awarded best Teacher award [Mandal level] by the Mandal Educational Officer for the year 2013.

We have known Mr Eswar Rao as a Head-Master and a teacher in the primary and the Secondary School of Panukuvalsa for the last few years. He has been consistently stayed there in Panukuvalsa and clearly showed the improvement in academic achievements of tribal children. Fundamentally he created an environment for the children to like the school with high attendance. The tribal children's skills with mathematics, language and problem solving tremendously improved.

The children even spoke to me in English thinking that I do not know the local language.

He liked out participation in the school and kept the children orderly for the annual school medical examinations. He even advised us to buy school bags as the children are finding difficult to carry loose books, which we did to the great joy of children.

He introduced various Boxes and named them as follows: Honesty Box, Lost & Found Box,
Complaint Box to encourage and promote honesty and to give back lost and found articles. This is a very novel way of teaching honesty.

One other thing he encourages is, He would ask each child to bring one vegetable ,like for example one carrot, one onion, one lady Finger (Okra) etc . Thus he would collct 37-40 vegetables and give to the cook for mid meals. All the children enjoy a vegetable lentil soup for the day.

When we gave sport equipment Mr. Eswar Rao was very enthusiastic for the children to use the equipment and add sports to the curriculum. We were not surprised at all when he was honoured as he deserves every bit of it.


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