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Life Style Disease

Written by D.Praveen Kumar

poor in india do suffer life style diseasesThe Poor in India don't suffer from fewer "Life style diseases" than the rich they just don't know it. A New study shows that the actual prevalence of common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is far higher among the poor than they report, and is as high if not higher among the poor than among the rich.

A team of researchers from leading medical institutions across the world, including the Public Health Foundation of India, Harvard and Stanford in the U.S. and Oxford in the U.K. studied self-reported and actual levels of NCDs using standardized measures.

The study published in the open access peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE looked at the data collected in 2007 by the world health organization for its study on Global Ageing and Adult health that covered over 10,000 households in six state of India. Five NCDs, Angina, hypertension, Chronic Lung diseases and asthma, vision problems and depression, were selected.

They found that while the richest 20 percent tended to self-report higher rates of prevalence than the poorest 20 percent, the actual prevalence of the diseases is higher among the poorest 20 percent than the richest 20 percent for four out of the five diseases.

The only disease on which the actual levels among the poorest 20 percent were lower than those self reported was chronic lung diseases and asthma.

Over the last decade, the scope of public health has been vastly limited to only some diseases. Including NCDs, which the medical community well aware are common among the poor, will require substantial resources.


D.Praveen Kumar

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