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Written by Dr Sunder Rao Bethapudy

school bags for chilidren in salur indiaThe School Bags It is a delight to see these children going to the schools as young as 3-4 years, first to the Nursery and then to the main school. They had purpose built school in each village with a school teacher and an assistant and one Head Master for all three schools. That means the children of these three tribal villages has education from the age 3- 4 years.


Having said that, almost every one of them would stop education at the level of High school because of financial reasons or may be even cultural reasons. Bear in mind their parents never had school education. As these schools are within their own villages, the parents can leave the children at school and go to work and either they or the grand parents can collect the children after having free mid day meal at the school.


The purpose built primary school is next to the Nursery. The nursery students do accompany the older sibling if they are feeling lonely, or homesick for comfort. Some even take the role of surrogate mother.

school children india

The State government has provided the school uniform with a tie and an ID badge which they hang around their necks. All the children have free mid day meals provided by the State Government. They also have free Text books but not the note books. The parents need to buy the note books. Some children have notebooks, some don't depending upon the finances of the parents.


None of the children are wearing footwear and we thought of buying foot wear for all the children, but the teachers told us they will not wear as they never wore slippers or shoes in their lives.


Teachers then suggested the children would greatly benefit if we buy school bags. The children are finding difficult to carry the loose text books and sometimes not bring the books to the classes. There were 123 children in the three villages. We bought the school bags and gave them to each child. They were simply delighted and very proudly wearing the bags over their shoulders after the school


We also bought Note books for the children.The children were delighted and went home with a smile on their faces with a new School bag and a new note book in the school bag.


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