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Written by Dr. Sunder Rao Bethapudy

Medical Superidentant Dr. J.Palla did a surprise clinic in both Chinna Cheepuru valsa and Peda Cheepuru valsa villages on the 6th March 2013.

Surprisingly he found a significant differences between these two villages although they are within a mile from each other.


In Peda cheepuru valsa the children were untidy, with poor hygiene. Nearly 70% of the children had sub-acute tonsillitis without any symptoms. Some children had such big tonsils there was only 2-4 mm between the tonsils, although the enlarged tonsils were not inflamed . Many children had abdominal burnt scars caused by witch doctor to ward off childhood illness like chickenpox, abdominal pains.


However in Chinna Cheepuru Valsa children were much more cleaner, well dressed with better hygiene. Only 25% of the children had sub-acute tonsillitis with no symptoms. Abdominal burnt marks are noted fewer in this village. Here younger sibling stayed with the older sibling all day sharing the lunch together. In the afternoon after lunch the younger sibling had a sleep while the older sister was like a surrogate mother. Both parents went to work in the stone quarry.


Children have to go through these terrible burn marks so frequently because of the parental beliefs’. The way to deal with this problem is to include this particular issue in the Health Education programme and talk to parents. Dr. Palla will talk to his Health Education team .


Dr. Sunder Rao Bethapudy



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