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Written by Dr Sunder Rao Bethapudy

Our Well Child Clinics provide quality outreach, health education, and preventive medical services amongest the tribal people of Salur and surrounding areas. We are indebted to our doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medical personnel , local staff and volunteers without who our work would not be possible.

Both children and adults of the tribal people continue to have limited or no access to basic services, including healthcare.

School medicals:
These school medical examinations are based on similar examinations that are carried in British schools. They include height, weight, vision check, physical examinations. Hearing is not done as we do not have required hearing test equipment. However history regarding hearing is obtained from the teachers, grand parents/parents.

Two children with strabismus(squint) were picked up and the ophthalmic technician who accompanies the team has explained to the teacher and to the parents regarding squint and the children are referred to the eye department at Philadelphia Community hospital where a visiting eye surgeon visits the hospital once in a week.
Few children with scars on the abdomen, noted as they were done for the abdominal pain as a form of witchcraft.


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