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The Philadelphia Community Hospital in Salur, India, aims to alleviate suffering of leprosy affected people by providing the following care:

  • Treatment of leprosy and its complications
  • Prevention of impairment and deformity training through providing footwear, nerve function assessment, health education, teaching self care and ulcer care
  • Integrated health care of other diseases alongside leprosy
  • Treatment of preventable blindness by screening for cataracts and providing surgical cure when needed
  • Providing primary health care to patients attending the out patient department

The reconstructive surgery unit started work in 1965 and the artificial limb centre started in 1970. The ophthalmic unit was established in 1979 and the Leprosy Control Program integrated with the hospital’s general health services department in 2003. Because of this, more and more non-leprosy patients are utilizing the hospital facilities and this is contributing to the reduction of stigma against leprosy in the region.

Salur Hospital’s primary goal is to provide sustainable and better health care in the area, with a special focus on leprosy care. Through this goal, the local area will experience increased access to the services of the hospital by the community, a reduction of stigma due to leprosy, better access to community services and activities, and decreased morbidity for persons affected by leprosy.


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