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Written by Dr Sunder Rao Bethapudy
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tribal healthcare in salur Philadelphia Community Hospital salur is run by The Leprosy Mission since1950s. As the Leprosy is being reasonably controlled its numbers have fallen considerably. So the hospital is now treating general cases as well as Leprosy cases. The hospital also has out-reach programmes to reach out the needy and the sick people out in the community.

This particular out-reach programme (T.H.I.S) is mainly based in the Philadelphia Community Hospital (Leprosy Mission Hospital) using the nursing staff, eye technician and the doctors who are working in the hospital. The three villages (China Cheepuruvalsa, Peda Cheepuruvalsa, Panukuvalsa) the team goes out to do the clinics are within seven miles from the hospital.

These three villages comprises only the Mudhili Gadaba tribal population. These tribal population are very much ostracised with poor access to medical services. Hence they are very much in need of medical services for minor ailments and referral to Philadelphia Community Hospital for any major medical help. The team consists two nurses, eye technician, two drivers and a doctor. The team goes out to the villages and run the clinics twice a week in the villages and a doctor goes out with the team once in a month.

The job of the eye technician is to pick cataracts in the aged population and squints among the school children and give them appropriate treatment and refer them to the eye surgeon at Philadelphia community Hospital. Each one of them knows their jobs and they all fit in like the pieces in the puzzle and work as a team. They audit their work and the hospital pharmacist audit the medicines. So the team and their work are very much accountable to the hospital superintendant.

The money we both raise in UK through our church finance this out reach programme.

With myself in UK and the hospital superintendant are in constant touch with each other through emails. So we all know what we want and what we are doing and when we are doing. This service has been running for the last 5 years successfully by the will of God.


The Team in Salur


thisteam1 thisteam2
From left to right:
Mr. D. Shyam Babu ( eye technician),
Dr. S.R.Bethapudy,
Mr.M.David Raju(driver),
Mrs.C.H.Karuna Kumari (Nursing Staff),
Mrs, Shoba Catharin (nursing Staff)
Mr.K.Venkata Rao (driver)
Dr. Sunder Bethapudy and 
Dr. B.Chandrasekar Rao,Visiting Eye Surgeon

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World Leprosy Day 2015

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